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  • As a London based freelance Production/Tour Manager, I often find myself at the mercy of the peaks and troughs of our industry. EventProFinder helps me manage this, by finding work as well as by sourcing the freelancers I need to deliver my own events.
    ­— Theo Smith | Freelance Tour/Production Manager
  • Delivering events is about bringing together the right team of people The best thing, and also the biggest challenge, about our industry is never knowing what the next brief will throw at you and when it will come in. So being able to bolster the team with reliable freelancers was and remains an essential part of the event delivery process.
    ­— Rory Sloane | Production Director at Audience (UK) and Associate Director at Make it Real
  • I can easily see how this will add value to the industry "new-comers", having once been a student of the industry. The way EventProFinder gives freelancers a platform to market themselves is truly inspiring.
    ­— Adam Ford | Production Engineer at Congo Blue Design
  • Finding trusted, good, hard working freelancers that can deliver what our business really needs throughout the year can be a real pain. EventProFinder has changed our entire approach to how we resource and communicate with freelancers on our events.
    ­— Helen Freeman and Jay Dodds | Directors H Productions
  • Working on the world’s greatest tours has shown me just how difficult a show-build can be without the right people. Having them at your fingertips and the ability to rate them after a project is a game-changer.
    ­— Andrew (Andy) Rungen | Production Manager, Cirque du Soleil
  • I worked as a crew chief in the UK for 5 years before moving into production and know the challenges the industry throws at an event from both sides of the fence. EventProFinder helps us both find key skills and bolsters our numbers during those acute busy periods.
    ­— Michael Sextone-Pelling | Senior Production Site Technician at White Light Ltd

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